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Stonyfield Farms Earth Day

Adam and band were selected to be the live music feature for this wonderful event, which takes place on an annual basis at the Stonyfield headquarters in Londonderry, New Hampshire.  “We had a great time, and enjoyed the song [Adam] played about gum!”

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MR: So Adam, what are your hands doing? Tell us a little bit about your music.

AP: My hands have been busy making music for a while now!  My music takes many different shapes, styles and forms, but overall, it is a representation of thoughts and feelings I have had throughout the course of my life.  Love always gets top-billing!

MR: Your musical genius took root at age 8 when you began to mimic music from cartoons and video games on the piano. Where do you draw inspiration these days?

AP: I am inspired by so much, and have learned that inspiration is everywhere and anywhere if you allow yourself to see it.  Human behavior has always been a major influence for me, so having the opportunity to see people interact with one another does a great job of putting the inspiration into action in the form of a song.

MR: I just watched your music video for “Chiclets in My Pocket” – love it! 

You have a great mix of the serious and the silly going on in your songs.  Do you get more of a response from one or the other?

AP: Thank you!  I would say that the responses vary depending on the crowd and nature of the performance, but people always seem to enjoy a silly song!  The serious subject matter seems to get more of a response out of individuals, where songs like “Chiclets” allow for people to lighten up when in groups!

MR: You’ve garnered comparisons to everyone from Ben Harper and Ryan Shaw to the Neville Brothers.  As a rising artist do you think the comparisons help or hinder?

 AP: Depends on what a person does with their comparisons.  I think there is a danger in trying to fit exactly into the mold of someone else, whether you are an artist or just in general, as you sacrifice that which defines you.  Comparisons allow other people to get an idea of what to expect, so I think it’s something that, as an artist, one needs to accept.

MR: What is the music scene like in Boston these days? Has social media created more opportunity and community for artists?

 AP: There are so many talented musicians on the Boston music scene, which is great.  Some venues have closed down, and new ones have opened over the years, so naturally things shift, but ultimately the talent plays through these changes.  I really dig what people are doing here, from all angles, and feel very fortunate to know and have played with some amazing musicians.  Social Media has made the first step in ‘getting out there’ a whole lot easier, which is great.  However, I think we all have to work that much harder for people’s attention due to the fact that it is so easy to create an event and invite people, so really almost anyone who wants to can have a go with it.  As a result, those who are truly in it for the right reasons have to work a little harder to establish themselves, but I see this as a good thing that helps keep stagnation at bay.  So the opportunities are there, but I would say that the community is an on-going work in progress.  Plus, we have to compete with whatever game is on,  so this is a great humbling element!

MR: You founded Benefit for Jane , a cause which raises funds and awareness for kidney cancer after your mother passed away. What has it been like to connect your music and personal life in this way?

AP: Starting the Benefit for my Ma Jane has been one of the best and therapeutic things I have done.  It is easy to stew in sadness, and to get angry at what can never be changed, but it takes a lot more to turn a negative into something that is fruitful and positive to others.  I am very proud of this Benefit, and the support from the Greater Boston Community has been incredible.  Connecting the personal and musical aspects has certainly been positive, and it makes everything that much more authentic.

MR: Okay, final question – Where can we hear more??

AP: I am on iTunes and many of the other download sites, and my website is  Thank you!

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