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Tommy Doyle’s // Boston, MA // October 2, 2010

At Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square, 2ADAM12 took the stage to deliver a hypnotic and engaging live show. Covering a wide range of genres, these musicians combine R&B, soul, funk, reggae and rock. Leader Adam Payne is truly an inspirational musician with a unique style that is showcased through his vocals, exceptional guitar playing and songwriting. The show featured tightly constructed melodic arrangements accompanied by Payne’s unique mixture of hip-hop and soulful vocals that kept the audience moving.

Starting off the night with “Be Near Me,” Payne’s voice and richly textured chords organically set a gentle introduction. The second song “Stop” featured pulsing beats from bassist George Simon, who adds to the group by playing purely with the melody and rhythm. On keys, contributing textured arrangements and harmonic sensibility, sits talented Steve Malinowski. Moving right into “The Way It Goes” spotlights the groups ability to unleash a vital energy of funky rhythms that snaps into a killer-swinging groove. Backing everyone up with the steady beats and interesting fills is Paul Chiasson on drums. Guitarist Adam Dehner feeds the ensemble with a range of voices and prominent solos. While arpeggiated left- hand chords support wistful melodies, pianist Steve Malinowski leaves room for sweeping right hand improvisations in the reggae funk song “Give It”. Additional bass was provided by Mik Mersha towards the end of the band’s set. Kicking it old school, they ended with “Electric Relaxation” by A Tribe Called Quest.

Tonight’s show was in support of a great cause, started by Adam in tribute to his mother Jane. When asked about the benefit, Adam states, “The 4th Annual Benefit for Jane was a great success. Dealing with the loss of a loved one never becomes easier with time, but doing something positive is very therapeutic, and makes it all worthwhile!”

-Kristen DeTroia

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