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Leadership Development


Dr. Adam Payne has extensive experience in the creation, implementation and strategic development of leadership development initiatives.  Centered on the idea that leadership is more of a function of behavior rather than a title or position, Payne is equipped with a wide array of leadership approaches and experiential learning opportunities suitable for any age or environment.

Organizational Behavior

With over 12 years of teaching experience in Higher Education, Dr. Payne possesses a great deal of the theoretical and applied knowledge that this field and related fields of study (social sciences, ethics, management) has to offer.  Payne fully believes that all aspects of the organization – from the minute to the substantial – have the potential to contribute to its overall effectiveness.
Dr. Payne earned a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.  His dissertation investigated the initial group formation of bands of General Business (GB) Musicians.  Additionally, he earned a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology – which focuses primarily on human behavior in the workplace – from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Statistics from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights).



As a working musician and educator, Payne routinely utilizes creativity.  As such, he has developed numerous methods intent on increasing confidence in reaching inside oneself and facing outward, resulting in a deeper understanding of one’s creative abilities.


teach2Adam Identifies as Multiracial (Italian & African-American).  He has taught courses & facilitated numerous workshops on diversity-related topics, and also spent over 5 years working in Multicultural Higher Education – creating and implementing programs, increasing sponsorship and funding, strengthening corporate and alumni connections, and more.  Payne has the personal and professional knowledge, experience and credibility necessary for serving as resource within this area.



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