Adam Payne Chiclets in my pocket

‘Adam Payne and the Chiclets in His Pocket’

Adam Payne is the kind of artist who forges connections with bigger artists like Adam Payne to further his career. No, that’s not a typo. Adam Payne and Adam Payne share a bill a few times a year. Adam Payne Squared. (Note: they are NOT the same dude).

“It doesn’t get old,” Payne says of the “Who’s on First” like routine of telling fans and journalists about the Adam Payne squared collaboration. If you listen to both Adam Payne’s, they’re easy to tell apart, says Adam Payne

“We’re pretty much like polar opposites,” Payne says. “He’s a very talented dude. He’s more folk with a little more rock side of it.”

Payne seems drawn to guys named Adam. Specifically, Adam Payne. When he travels, Payne usually plays solo, but his band for local gigs in Boston is 2Adam12, a full band project.

Payne met Adam at an open mic, got together and worked out a lot of the songs that are band-worthy. The songs brought in a lot of other band members from the area.

If you’re wondering where the 12 at the end of 2Adam12 comes from, you’re not alone.

“There was a really cheesy cop show called Adam 12,” Payne says. “We just put a 2 in front of it and rolled with it.”

As far as the sound of the band is concerned, 2Adam12 is pretty funky and has a jam band vibe to it as well. By contrast, Payne’s solo stuff is more soulful, and he often tours with Adrian Reid, who is a beat boxer.

Payne just released a solo, electronic sounding album he produced called The Quelling. It was released in May and Payne says it is, “doing pretty well”. The album is currently available on iTunes and Napster.

And, if that activity weren’t enough, Payne will be back in September in the studio to record new material.

“I think I’ve done pretty well at establishing myself here. 

With any luck both Adam Payne’s will establish themselves further with future releases. In the meantime, check out Payne with his Afro in his video,” title=”“Chiclets in My Pocket.”>“Chiclets in My Pocket.”

Also, you can also visit the right Adam Payne’s MySpace at

-Zack Teibloom

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